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Is there any more content after the Gate of Hell button is unlocked ?

You have to kill everyone by removing all the workers in the buildings

Ooooooh haha I forgot they were people, they became a resource in my mind lol

i did this now what


that moment when you dig into the negatives


I'd love to see a way to manually save my game because I can't figure out what the autosave rate is and keep losing data.

yes good sugestion


I am sorry for your inconvenience. Now it saves every 10 seconds. Previously I set it up to save instantly, but the save plugin was faulty so it saves rarely.

i made the game crash by trying to sell the 5.22e21 diamonds i got via tier 3 transmutation. would do again.

and now it refuses to load

but you would do it again


if i could, I would absolutely be corrupted by hellstone once more as I bore through the earth at impossible speeds, whilst fighting angry rioters and sacrificing their souls to the dark gods so that they may make my shovel a bit better. 

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The bug is fixed now. Unfortunately you have to replay from the beginning this update. Thanks for understanding.


dark mode?